Cylinder Position Sensors

Cylinder position sensors to determine the position of pneumatic cylinders with almost no efforts. Flush groove mounting and top insertion simplify the mounting procedure.

  • Fully electronic sensor design
  • Mounting Screw located close to cable exit – securing the sensor from moving if cable is pulled
  • Compact design
    • TBL 28 respective 25.2 mm only
  • Clearly visible switching indicator
  • Availble with cable or connector
Common Specs
Supply Voltage 10 … 30 VDC Sensing Element Solid-State
Reverse Polarity Protection built-in Switching Frequency 1000 Hz
Power Consumption < 10 mA Housing Material PBT
Output Load Capability 200 mA Ambient Temperature -10…+75 °C | 14…+167 °F
Short-Circuit Protection built-in, self-resetting Protection Class IP 67
Voltage Drop < 1.5 V @ 200 mA Switching Indicator built-in, yellow

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