Inductive Proximity Switches
with Analog Output

Factory calibrated sensors with
digital signal processing lead into
absolutely linear output functions.

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Capacitive Proximity Switches

with chemical resistant
PTFE housings available

Multiple Color LED Beacons

□ Zinc or Food-Grade Stainless
□ up to 7 Templates, each with
1 of 7 bright and uniform colors
1 of 7 self generated blink patterns
1 of 5 unique sounds
□ Power or low-current inputs
□ Device to Device Synchonization
Also with IO-Link®

Electronic Buttons

□ Pressure or Touch Sensitive
□ No Moving Parts - 100% Solid State
□ Fully Static Operation
□ Vandalism Proof - All Stainless
□ Food-Grade Hygienic Design available
□ Access both LED colors directly

High Resolution Area Sensors

□ Up to 576 crossed beams at 300 mm
□ Transmitter with muting input available

Engineering & production
in Hanover, Germany

Electronic Buttons - Ø22 mm, Pressure Sensitive

Electronic Pressure-Sensitive Buttons from XECRO have been developed as a complement to the Touch-Buttons series. Unlike touch buttons, these buttons respond to a slightly pressure which is applied to their illuminated surface. Due to pressure activation, these buttons do not react on water or any other conductive material and are therefore ideal for the food industry, car washes or similar applications. Their solid-state design with no moving parts inside allows unlimited operations with no wear.
All buttons contain a two color LED illumination activated by operating the switch or by external input.

A complete series of buttons with the same feature-set and housing-styles, but which are Touch Sensitive is available.


  • Standard
    stainless 1.4305
  • Protector
    stainless 1.4305
  • Flush Mount
    stainless 1.4305
  • Hygienic
    food grade stainless 1.4571

Electric Connection

  • 3-wire
    idle and touch LED change according to the output status
  • 4-wire
    same as 3-wire + one auxiliary enable input
  • 5-wire
    two aux-inputs to engage LED colors indipendently of the output status
  • 3-wire with IO-Link®


  • Dynamic
    Buttons with dynamic operation are used when a precise single impulse is required to start a process. The dynamic circuit ensures that the impulse is generated for long enough to be recognized by the machine, but no longer than necessary.
  • Static
    Buttons with static operation, activate their output as long as the operator touches or pushes the button. They behave like simple mechanical push buttons.
  • Toggle | Latching
    Buttons with toggle circuit, alter their output status every time they are activated. The output status remains latched until the next activation.
  • Combo
    Buttons with combo circuit, can be used in static mode where the output is active if the button is touched or pushed. A fast double activation latches the button in a permanent on-mode from where it can be released by an additional activation.


  • 30+ meaningful standard pictograms
  • custom pictograms on request

LED combinations, Idle – Touch

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • other colors on request

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Common Specifications

A more detailed paper catalog section is available for this product group.


  • No moving parts inside

  • Two-color LED status indication

  • LED’s can be driven independently of the touch-status

  • Model with enable-input available

  • All-stainless construction, food grade models available

  • Same functionality available in a Touch-Sensitive series

  • IO-Link capabilities


  • Operation with no mechanical wear

  • Visible feedback for the operator

  • Button and two-color status indicator in one unit

  • Engage only functions that are available at that time

  • Vandalism-proof construction – 3 mm thick touch surface !

  • Easy interchangability depending on application

  • Full control over sensitivity, switching modes and LED-colors

Common Specifications

Number of Operations


Operating Voltage

15… 35 VDC

Reverse Polarity Protection


Current Consumption

< 30 mA @ 24 V

Output Load Capability

200 mA

Short Circuit Protection

Built-in, selft-resetting

Operating Temperature

-25… +60 °C | -13… 140 °F

Protection Class


Sensing Face Material


Housing Material

Stainless Steel ‘1.4305’

Bezel Material

Stainless Steel ‘1.4305

Bezel Material »Hygienic«

Stainless Steel ‘1.4571’

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