Inductive Proximity Switches
with Analog Output

Factory calibrated sensors with
digital signal processing lead into
absolutely linear output functions.

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Capacitive Proximity Switches

with chemical resistant
PTFE housings available

Multiple Color LED Beacons

□ Zinc or Food-Grade Stainless
□ up to 7 Templates, each with
1 of 7 bright and uniform colors
1 of 7 self generated blink patterns
1 of 5 unique sounds
□ Power or low-current inputs
□ Device to Device Synchonization
Also with IO-Link®

Electronic Buttons

□ Pressure or Touch Sensitive
□ No Moving Parts - 100% Solid State
□ Fully Static Operation
□ Vandalism Proof - All Stainless
□ Food-Grade Hygienic Design available
□ Access both LED colors directly

High Resolution Area Sensors

□ Up to 576 crossed beams at 300 mm
□ Transmitter with muting input available

Engineering & production
in Hanover, Germany

Light Curtains | Area Sensors - Cross-Beam Area-Sensors

Cross-beam area sensors form multiple infrared beams into very high density light curtains. Operating distances of up to 8 m (26 ft) and monitoring heights of 100, 200 and 300 mm (3.9, 7.9 and 11.8 in), open a wide field of applications.
Their optical synchronization, where no electric interconnection is required, simplifies replacing single beam light barriers in applications where the irregular shape of the object being detected requires a high resolution sensor.

The product selector is used to determine products with particular features. The assistant guides you through a selection of specifications that may be essential for the application. The product selector also gives additional information about specific products which are not part of this overview (for instance 2D and 3D drawings, data sheets, IODD-files et cetera).

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Common Specification


  • Long detection range

  • Different monitoring heights of

  • Recessed front window

  • Transmitter with muting-input


  • Up to 8 m between transmitter and receiver

  • 100 mm, 100 crossed beams

  • 200 mm, 256 crossed beams

  • 300 mm, 576 crossed beams

  • Protected against mechanical impact

Common Specification

Operating Voltage

10 … 30 VDC

Reverse Polarity Protection


Output Load Capability

200 mA

Short Circuit Protection

Built-in, self-resetting

Voltage Drop

2.4 V @ 200 mA

Operating Temperature

-20 … 60 °C | -4 … 140 °F

Ambient Light Immunity

10.000 lx

Protection Class

IP 65

Switching | Supply Indicator


Housing Material


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