Inductive Proximity | Analog Output

XECRO sensors with analog output precisely measure distances to metal objects. They are ideal for positioning, distance measurement, metal classification, or comparable applications. Sensors M8 incorporate a voltage output. Analog sensors ranging from M12 to M30 incorporate current and voltage outputs in one device. The current output is available in a configuration with 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA

Reverse output configurations are available on request.

All inductive sensors with analog output from XECRO are linearized between zero distance and the maximum Sn. Due to the precise digital calibration of every single sensor during production, there is almost no device-to-device variation — even between sensors of different production lots.

Common Specs
Supply Voltage 10 … 30 VDC Ambient Temperature -20 … 70 °C | -40 … 158 °F
Reverse Polarity Protection built-in Protection Class IP 67
Power Consumption < 8 mA Switching Indicator built-in, yellow
Output Load Capability 200 mA
Short-Circuit Protection built-in, self-resetting
Voltage Drop < 1.5 V

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