Inductive Proximity Switches
with Analog Output

Factory calibrated sensors with
digital signal processing lead into
absolutely linear output functions.

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Capacitive Proximity Switches

with chemical resistant
PTFE housings available

Multiple Color LED Beacons

□ Zinc or Food-Grade Stainless
□ up to 7 Templates, each with
1 of 7 bright and uniform colors
1 of 7 self generated blink patterns
1 of 5 unique sounds
□ Power or low-current inputs
□ Device to Device Synchonization
Also with IO-Link®

Electronic Buttons

□ Pressure or Touch Sensitive
□ No Moving Parts - 100% Solid State
□ Fully Static Operation
□ Vandalism Proof - All Stainless
□ Food-Grade Hygienic Design available
□ Access both LED colors directly

High Resolution Area Sensors

□ Up to 576 crossed beams at 300 mm
□ Transmitter with muting input available

Engineering & production
in Hanover, Germany


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