Capacitive Proximity | Plastic Housings

XECRO provides its line of capacitive sensors also in hermetically sealed PBT housings ranging from M12 to M30.

These sensors with tubular IP69k housings are absolutely waterproof – even when using high-pressure cleaners. They are widely used in car washes, but also in the food industry.
Furthermore, the capacitive sensors from XECRO include a subset with cubic plastic housings. A 40×40 model that offers the best flexibility due to its rotatable sensor head that can be mounted in five directions. And an extra flat model that is ideal for installations on non-metallic tanks and containers. The built-in potentiometer allows the sensitivity to be adjusted until the device detects material through the container wall. Due to the flat design are usually no additional mounting accessories required as with cylindrical sensors.

Capacitive Sensors from the Performance Series, offer absolute best-in-class sensing distances.

Common Specs
Supply Voltage 10 … 30 VDC Housing Material PBT
Reverse Polarity Protection built-in Ambient Temperature -20 … 70 °C | -40 … 158 °F
Power Consumption < 8 mA Protection Class, M12-M30 IP 67
Output Load Capability 200 mA Protection Class, cubic front IP 69k, back IP 67
Short-Circuit Protection built-in, self-resetting Switching Indicator built-in, yellow
Voltage Drop < 1.5 V Adjustment, M12 - M30 Multi-Turn Trim-Pot
Adjustment, cubics Multi-Turn Trim-Pot

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