Capacitive Proximity | 3-wire

XECRO’s line of capacitive sensors cover all diameters between Ø6.5 mm respectively M8 and M30.

Capacitive Sensors from the Performance Series, offer absolute best-in-class sensing distances. XECRO manufactures shielded capacitive sensors such as e.g. M8 with 2 mm sensing distance, M12 with 6 mm sensing distance and M18 with 12 mm sensing distance. Unshielded Capacitive Performance Series in M30 housings, achieve up to a 35 mm sensing distance.


Common Specs
Supply Voltage 10 … 30 VDC Housing Material Brass, nickel plated
Reverse Polarity Protection built-in Ambient Temperature -20 … 70 °C | -40 … 158 °F
Power Consumption < 8 mA Protection Class IP 67
Output Load Capability 200 mA Switching Indicator built-in, yellow
Short-Circuit Protection built-in, self-resetting Adjustment M8 fixed
Voltage Drop < 1.5 V Adjustment M8, Connector M12 Multi-Turn Trim-Pot
Adjustment M12 - M30 Multi-Turn Trim-Pot

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